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SOR3XPSD Version 010: SORCE XPS Level 3 Solar Spectral Irradiance Daily Means

Data Citation

To cite the data in publications:
Tom Woods (2011),SORCE XPS Level 3 Solar Spectral Irradiance Daily Means,version 010, Greenbelt, MD, USA:NASA Goddard Earth Science Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC), Accessed Enter User Data Access Date at

Product Description

The SORCE XUV Photometer System (XPS) Solar Spectral Irradiance (SSI) Daily Data Product SOR3XPSD contains solar XUV irradiances in the 0.1 to 27 nm range, as well as Lyman-alpha, in broad bands (7-10 nm resolution) as listed below:

Diode 1: 0.1 - 7.0 nm
Diode 2: 0.1 - 7.0 nm
Diode 3: 17.0 - 23.0 nm
Diode 6: 0.1 - 11.0 nm
Diode 7: 0.1 - 7.0 nm
Diode 9: 0.1 - 7.0 nm
Diode 11: 121.0 - 122.0 nm

The data are reported at a mean solar distance of 1 AU and zero relative line-of-sight velocity with respect to the Sun. The accuracy for the XPS Level 3 irradiance is 12-30%, photometer dependent, and the long-term repeatability is 1%/year.

The SOR3XPSD data are arranged in a single tabular ASCII text file which can be easily read into a spreadsheet application. The columns contain the date, Julian day, average measurement date, standard deviation of measurement date, diode number, minimum wavelength, maximum wavelength, instrument mode, data version number, median irradiance, mean irradiance, absolute uncertainty, measurement precision, calculation precision, degradation model, degradation version, and number of data points. The rows are arranged with data for each day, repeating for each diode wavelength.

Product Summary

Short Name:    SOR3XPSD

Long Name:    SORCE XPS Level 3 Solar Spectral Irradiance Daily Means

Version:    010

Format    ASCII

Spatial Coverage:   (90.0 N to -90.0 S; 180.0 E to -180.0 W)

Temporal Coverage: 2003-02-10 to Current

Data Resolution:
Temporal Resolution: Daily

File Size:    1.5 MB


See: ""

Data Access

Data Service Name: ON-LINE ARCHIVE
Data Service Description: Access the data via anonymous FTP.
Data Service Access URL:

Data Service Name: MIRADOR
Data Service Description: Mirador is a search and download interface of data archived at the NASA GES DISC.
Data Service Access URL:

Data Service Name: REVERB
Data Service Description: Reverb, the ECHO client, allows one to search and retrieve data across multiple data archive centers.
Data Service Access URL:

For further information or assistance email the NASA GES DISC Help Desk:
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