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You may order data from a range of days using the selection boxes below. Please refer to the calendar to identify days with available data. An excessive range of days may cause processing delays or exceed the amount of data that may be ordered.


NOTE: Default Selection is All
CLDPRS = cloud top pressure
CLDTMP = cloud top temperature
DISPH = zero plane displacement height
H1000 = height at 1000 mb
H250 = height at 250 hpa
H500 = height at 500 hpa
H850 = height at 850 hpa
OMEGA500 = omega at 500 hpa
PBLTOP = pbltop pressure
PS = surface pressure
Q250 = specific humidity at 250 hpa
Q500 = specific humidity at 500 hpa
Q850 = specific humidity at 850 hpa
QV10M = 10-meter specific humidity
QV2M = 2-meter specific humidity
SLP = sea level pressure
T10M = 10-meter air temperature
T250 = air temperature at 250 hpa
T2M = 2-meter air temperature
T2MDEW = dew point temperature at 2 m
T2MWET = wet bulb temperature at 2 m
T500 = air temperature at 500 hpa
T850 = air temperature at 850 hpa
TO3 = total column ozone
TOX = total column odd oxygen
TQI = total precipitable ice water
TQL = total precipitable liquid water
TQV = total precipitable water vapor
TROPPB = tropopause pressure based on blended estimate
TROPPT = tropopause pressure based on thermal estimate
TROPPV = tropopause pressure based on epv estimate
TROPQ = tropopause specific humidity using blended tropp estimate
TROPT = tropopause temperature using blended tropp estimate
TS = surface skin temperature
U10M = 10-meter eastward wind
U250 = eastward wind at 250 hpa
U2M = 2-meter eastward wind
U500 = eastward wind at 500 hpa
U50M = eastward wind at 50 meters
U850 = eastward wind at 850 hpa
V10M = 10-meter northward wind
V250 = northward wind at 250 hpa
V2M = 2-meter northward wind
V500 = northward wind at 500 hpa
V50M = northward wind at 50 meters
V850 = northward wind at 850 hpa
ZLCL = lifting condensation level

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NOTE: Default Selection is All
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