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You may order data from a range of days using the selection boxes below. Please refer to the calendar to identify days with available data. An excessive range of days may cause processing delays or exceed the amount of data that may be ordered.


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BASEFLOW = baseflow flux
ECHANGE = rate of change of total land energy
EVLAND = evaporation land
EVPINTR = interception loss energy flux
EVPSBLN = snow ice evaporation energy flux
EVPSOIL = baresoil evap energy flux
EVPTRNS = transpiration energy flux
FRSAT = fractional area of saturated zone
FRSNO = fractional area of land snowcover
FRUNST = fractional area of unsaturated zone
FRWLT = fractional area of wilting zone
GHLAND = ground heating land
GRN = greeness fraction
GWETPROF = ave prof soil moisture
GWETROOT = root zone soil wetness
GWETTOP = surface soil wetness
LAI = leaf area index
LHLAND = latent heat flux land
LWLAND = net longwave land
PARDFLAND = surface downwelling par diffuse flux
PARDRLAND = surface downwelling par beam flux
PRECSNOLAND = snowfall land; bias corrected
PRECTOTLAND = total precipitation land; bias corrected
PRMC = water profile
QINFIL = soil water infiltration rate
RUNOFF = overland runoff including throughflow
RZMC = water root zone
SFMC = water surface layer
SHLAND = sensible heat flux land
SMLAND = snowmelt flux land
SNODP = snow depth
SNOMAS = total snow storage land
SPLAND = rate of spurious land energy source
SPSNOW = rate of spurious snow energy
SPWATR = rate of spurious land water source
SWLAND = net shortwave land
TELAND = total energy storage land
TPSNOW = surface temperature of snow
TSAT = surface temperature of saturated zone
TSOIL1 = soil temperatures layer 1
TSOIL2 = soil temperatures layer 2
TSOIL3 = soil temperatures layer 3
TSOIL4 = soil temperatures layer 4
TSOIL5 = soil temperatures layer 5
TSOIL6 = soil temperatures layer 6
TSURF = surface temperature of land incl snow
TUNST = surface temperature of unsaturated zone
TWLAND = avail water storage land
TWLT = surface temperature of wilted zone
WCHANGE = rate of change of total land water

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