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You may order data from a range of days using the selection boxes below. Please refer to the calendar to identify days with available data. An excessive range of days may cause processing delays or exceed the amount of data that may be ordered.


NOTE: Default Selection is All
EFLUXICE = sea ice latent energy flux
EFLUXWTR = open water latent energy flux
FRSEAICE = ice covered fraction of tile
HFLUXICE = sea ice upward sensible heat flux
HFLUXWTR = open water upward sensible heat flux
LWGNTICE = sea ice net downward longwave flux
LWGNTWTR = open water net downward longwave flux
PRECSNOOCN = ocean snowfall
QV10M = 10-meter specific humidity
RAINOCN = ocean rainfall
SWGNTICE = sea ice net downward shortwave flux
SWGNTWTR = open water net downward shortwave flux
T10M = 10-meter air temperature
TAUXICE = eastward stress over ice
TAUXWTR = eastward stress over water
TAUYICE = northward stress over ice
TAUYWTR = northward stress over water
TSKINICE = sea ice skin temperature
TSKINWTR = open water skin temperature
U10M = 10-meter eastward wind
V10M = 10-meter northward wind

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NOTE: Default Selection is All

Additional options for monthly or daily products are not yet available

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